• leahkaye 106w

    The end

    those innocent blue eyes
    she used to be mine
    almost 6 but still 5
    Stuck between truth or lie
    wish I could take you and hide
    I always picture it in mind
    cps kept you
    no goodbye
    I'm way behind
    barely coping
    no peace of mind
    I'm not fine
    government's design
    they want us to divide
    its the end of times
    We see all the signs
    suicide in mind
    but, I have nothing to leave for you behind
    just a world confined
    and im scared to leave you behind
    this worlds too cold and unkind
    resources consumed
    no room
    toxic fumes
    presumed so doomed
    mind also too consumed
    this world just a big tomb
    broken promises from the womb
    I swear I'd keep you safe I presumed
    they accused
    then removed