• daphnae 39w

    //And I suffered silently seeking solitude,
    While surrendering sagas soaked with scars//

    Last post, for a while.
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    I am burning and so is my heart. The sky I escaped from few months back, is closing in through my window and all I do is watch. As I feel intimate with every inch it's crossing the universe for me. Grieving and singing songs of mercy, one that I couldn't have on myself. I die and I live again, it's a bard process. But I flaunt because I did it without anyone noticing. Silently over the edge of the papers I sigh to, every midnight. I screamed in myriads of whisper, like I blow my hot coffee. Coffee reminds me of the times my tongue used to burn as I hurrily sip it away. Numbness falls all over my tastebuds. I wonder what led to the numbness my heart pulled inside me. And it takes me to the shore where I stand, tracing the waves egressing to their homeland. I fail and choose another. I fail and give up in the end. The tiny tickles my feet felt while being kissed by the tides slowly melt away. Each hour passing by me leaves a note in my pocket each spelling the same "go home", which I ignore and slide back in my pockets.

    My feet now are numb and rippled with the exposure of water on my skin. But what's more rippled is my mind trying to balance on top of your memories, academics, morals and life.Your memories are the closest and the most steep which pierces through me, I slip everytime I look back, everytime I utter 'peace'. Life which took me away now returns to me in forms of poem I never wrote but had in my mind throughout, perfectly sequenced. I whined and bribed my memories to go away and never face me. I breathed in peace when they agreed. But never for once, had the thought that they would stick around my back, facing me but everything I do.

    I crawl across the glass of my ceiling, swallow the demons below my bed, run like a half-dead prey. And out of everything you could be filled with, the one which stood out was ignorance and the firmness of your mind to make me feel guilty over the spaces you suffered (openly).