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    And with this, I'm bringing an end to the story. This has been really a long one and it consumed a lot of me. I hope i come up with another story (not a love story this time, i hope!). Till then, let's hibernate. Tortoise is too exhausted!

    Special thanks to @pink_berry @blurryface__14 you guys kept me motivated all the while, consistently. Thank you for your overwhelming love to the story.

    Dressed in an elegant blocked pattern gray colored designer saree, Kritika walked downstairs alongside Abhinav, who matched his outfit with hers. The couple received blessings from the elderly, and gifts from friends, and relatives. Mr. Mehra was busy with the lunch arrangement, and guiding the staff to work perfectly, as a daughter's father is expected to. Her eyes were busy searching for Aditya, who hasn't arrived yet. She felt uncomfortable, and alone. Abhinav held her hand, and whispered to her ears, "He'll be here in a minute, don't worry, love. You're looking sizzling hot. I wonder why can't i take you off to our bedroom right now!"
    She blushed on his words, and gripped onto his hand. Her body relaxed, and she began enjoying her event.

    "Excuse me, guys! Hello. Everyone! Let's raise a toast to my beautiful, gorgeous, and perfectionist wife, Kritika. She has been a lifelong support in all my endeavours, and it's almost impossible to imagine my life without her. She's moody, clumsy, and hard to move, at times, and her brain amuses me often. But even after spending so much time with her, even today, i feel like it's not enough. I want more, i want her even today, and I'll be wanting her all my life. It's her, or none. I don't want anyone. Look at her blush, oh come on darling, don't hide your face, i love you!"

    As Abhinav ended his speech, Aditya clapped immediately, drawing her attention to him. She raised her eyebrows in question, and he made a gesture running his hand onto his heart telling her, how gorgeous she was looking right now! Her eyes were in sparkles! How much appreciation is enough appreciation for women, is still a big question, because they feel quite insecure about their presence. Compared to men, who can be wearing the same shirt, and pants, and walking on confidently even with their bulky stomach popping around. To have men who know how to remove your insecurities is a luxury. Words repeated often, boost your confidence, and words said by loved ones leave a long lasting impact. Aditya's praise give wings to Kritika. She took the mic from Abhinav, for it was her time to speak!

    "Contrasting to what all of you might be expecting, I'm here to ask you raise a toast, for my best friend, the Best Man, of my life, Aditya! Hey, come on, Adi, don't turn away. You know it's for you! It has to be for you. You gave a new direction to my thinking, and you were the only reason, i and abhinav are standing together happily! People like you are rare, and it might be possible whatever happened, happened because it was destined, and you planned nothing. May be we're destined to meet, and uplift each other as best friends are expected to, but you let me vent myself out. You hear me non judgementally, and even pushed me closer to what my heart desired for. I can't thank you enough, for everything you do for me, because you love me so much. Even if you don't speak out loud, i know how much special I'm to you! And it makes me feel super happy, that I'm cherished so badly by you. If you know, you know, right!"

    As she ended her speech, tears rolled down her eyes, and Abhinav handed her, his handkerchief. She wiped her tears, and hugged Abhinav.
    "I feel so light now baby, i love you so much, Abhi."
    "I love you the most, kitten. He deserved all of it."

    Aditya felt numb to her words, not because they weren't true, but because all his life he was abandoned time and again. No one has stood by his side for long, and forever was only a word, that held no meaning. He remembered, how at her wedding, she had whispered in his ears, "it isn't over yet, i still am your boss, and you're going to prioritise me all your life, i don't care, who comes next, or not. You're my and my best friend".

    Giving a dedicated speech, had happened only when one of the client was happy to make profits with the Srivastava Group. All this was new to him. 28 long years of surviving, and not an ounce of true love, had made his heart rock hard, which only Kritika's love melted away. He pointed Mr. Mehra to his car, and asked for something. Mr. Mehra brought a huge wrapped gift, rectangular shaped, along with a bouquet of Cosmos, and he handed it over to the couple. Abhinav couldn't hold his excitement and unwrapped the gift, while Kritika was busy with keeping the Cosmos in a beautiful vase that was in the corner of the hall.

    It was the same painting, Getko made for Aditya, that was reframed into an antique wooden brass lining. He had asked, Getko to add a few more details, since he has seen Kritika a little more closely, and it looked amazing now. Abhinav felt joyous, and cheered, "Wow! It's so enchanting! Kritika, come here, see! How majestic this is. We can hang it in our bedroom!"
    "May be, in the hall, that'd be better."
    "I see. Absolutely, in the hall. But we make love there too? You forgot?"
    "Shut up! Everyone's listening, Abhi."
    "So what! You're mine! And I'm yours."

    "Excuse me, Abhinav. She's mine too. Let me take her for a dance now. I'm dying to have a closure with her!"
    "Same here. Abhi doesn't even know how to dance, so we can do that, Adi!"

    "You guys are sick. You stay away from her, Aditya. It's my reception, I'll dance with her. And you, little cat, come here. We're dancing, even if i don't know how to. You've always made me dance according to your moods, so help me here as well."

    "If you guys plan for a kid, make sure to name the boy Aditya! I deserve that much!"
    "And what if, Kritika deliver a girl, Aditya?"
    That made both of the guys wondering, only when Kritika spoke chuckingly, "We'll call her Aditika! Right, Aditya!"

    And they all laughed out loud. Abhinav and Kritika danced merrily with each other, and Aditya switched the song to a romantic one. Kritika leaned towards Abhi, and kissed him onto his lips. He kissed her back, and his hands moved on her back, while her hands rubbed his chest.
    "I can't take it anymore."
    "Then, carry me to our bedroom!"
    "Ah! I love you the most, kitten!"


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    How much appreciation is enough appreciation for women, is still a big question, because they feel quite insecure about their presence.