• queerqueenathena 75w


    You got me completely intrigued,
    Compelling my mind into a sensational wreck,
    As I live off the pleasure of your undeniable charm.

    I could listen to you talk all day,
    Watch you laugh and let myself get carried away by the moment,
    Oh how our conversations humor me!

    Through your actions I can see clearly
    All the emotional injustices I have let slide by me
    There is definitely something in you
    That was not in anyone I ever met before.

    I keep reminiscing about our moments together
    Visualizing a future for you and I
    And I know that makes me sound a little demented
    But what can I say
    Am a hopeless romantic.

    Not to put you in a rush
    This is more than just a crush
    Everything about you makes me blush
    As I keep wondering
    Whether I shall ever make you mine.