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    @writersnetwork I adore you :) Thank you so much for the preemptive birthday gift. Love. You have supported me at my darkest of times.

    @miraquill so should I say we don't hate each other that much ? (I'm kidding, I always leave comments on your post regarding to the things which I feel are not good for this place cause I know you read them and next day I actually see a change here. Thank you for listening to me)
    for making my birthday so special, for lettin' me have Friends, tbh I was the introvert and people hated me in my social circle not a single person was my friend a year before but now I can say there are people who care for me never in my life my birthday was celebrated but the past year and today I was blessed with a blast of wishes and maybe I can never be able to thank these kind people , but I love you all and I admire you admins.
    Grateful. This is the first ever gift I got on my any birthday and I will cherish it. Respect.
    Cakes and chocolates
    Chlo pawry kryn (^3^♪

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    (A Death Day)

    Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    and I contemplate how to breathe
    buried inside the cement of cryptic cries
    life was more than easy to live
    with punctured vehicles and demolished
    tracks directing towards the
    rocked surfaces with unfolded surprises
    and syndromes of sophistication

    My death was the last monsoon
    which was stabbed by its own
    storms' rain— cloudbows and
    unsaturated rainbows,
    My psyche was triumphant and I
    corralled petals of lavender to use
    them as a quilt of demise

    Surroundings, a hiraeth of smoggy
    and syzygy to bubbled blues
    and Illustrated blacks,

    My relatives
    sat beside my
    dead body and
    a volcano of fake
    cries erupted
    in my ears
    a selfie stick
    was hanging
    above my worn
    out face
    fixing their make
    ups and forcing
    themselves to cry

    My soul bruised looking at their facade

    A group of
    men busy talking
    about politics
    and women mourning
    while trying to
    find the perfect
    piece of meat from
    the pot of biryani
    children descrying
    at me with queries
    unsaid I squirmed
    when the squids from
    seams of seas gnawed
    my flesh I asked
    for help but they all
    were blind

    Apart from my soul
    and closed ones-
    I was the true
    definition of death
    beneath thousands
    of feet, and there
    the world was
    laughing at me

    ' you thought I'm
    eternal, you forgot
    even sun sets. Its
    light isn't eternal
    then how you thought
    I can be your only

    •I died million times after my death day.