• alltimefamished 17w

    I enjoy the night as it falls.
    Punctuality. Timings.
    The best bed. The best quilt.
    You take the window side
    I'm pushed the other side.
    You take the maximum space
    But you never agree.

    The quilt is our favorite.
    Pink. And blue.
    Matching our flavours.
    First we sleep with it
    And later in the night, on it.
    The room is dark.
    Like a lion's den.
    The curtains are drawn.
    No one can even hear us.

    You sleep almost immediately.
    I take sometime to sleep.
    Meantime you snore.
    And I wish I'd sleep like you.
    I shake you off. You stop.
    And the next minute,
    it starts again.
    I somehow fall asleep.
    And I dream of you.

    In the middle of the night,
    I wake up for loo trips
    And I watch you sleep.
    And envy your peace.
    All of a sudden, your hand
    Falls on me as if
    You are looking out for me
    And I immediately surrender.
    I slid slowly, peacefully
    Into a comfortable sleep.
    And undoubtedly,
    The best.