• irreplaceable_10venni 49w

    We met one day,
    Not planned, may be destined to meet
    Like the first time we meet each other.
    Catching each other unawares.
    It was bizarre, something that we never felt being with each other.
    I felt a lump in my throat, he must have felt the way.
    Eyes instantly brimmed with tears to the point I couldn't see him clearly.
    Heart, a bit hardened unlike the first time I understood I began to love him.
    I squeezed shut my eyes and turned to walk back, but was stopped by a voice in the distance.
    Turning back, I saw the same girl I saw years ago in her bridal attire.
    She held me by my shoulders and smiled at me.
    "I remember seeing you, you are his friend, aren't you?," She asked, with him standing beside her.
    I nodded trying to match up to her smile.
    Deep inside, I know I lied to her. I wasn't just his friend.