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    There is a myth that after death, we'll end up in a queue leading to the gate of heaven. Each one should offer something they possess, to be qualified to enter the heaven. If the offering is not considered worthy enough, they'll be dragged to hell.

    So, what would you be offering? Let me know by the comments...

    I'd like to offer imprinted ashes of me

    Standing in front of the golden gate
    I neither shudder nor stand steady
    What am I supposed to offer the fate
    I've lost all, close to my heart already

    I've been burned alive a thousand times
    Yet I emerge out scarred but not scared
    What life threw at me always, are the limes
    By which I prepared drinks and also I shared

    The love of my loved ones are imprinted
    In every inch of my hardened heavy heart
    Remaining are the ruins of ash untinted
    Would that be enough for me to depart?!

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    Imprinted Ashes