• tortoise 23w

    How often we imagine love to be everything, and anything, yet if your love lacks any of these three, i guess it's not love! I am sure it's not love!

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    Chunks of Love

    Half drunk, on love, and half asleep,
    i went close to the one, emotionally deep.
    Wintery nights, wrapped in a blanket;
    weary day, all tired, i feel like shit.
    Instead of a cup of hot tea,
    i asked for,
    two spoonfuls of love, for me!

    The four letter word, that boast a lot.
    Its meaning, last night, i finally got.
    Into chunks, he broke down that word.
    To let it be clear, for the whole world!
    "Prayers, appreciation,
    and respect for you.
    It's the only way
    to love someone true."

    How grateful i felt after talking to him,
    I glowed bright, even when lights were dim.
    The lesson that was skipped every time,
    got learnt, by heart, via a beautiful rhyme.
    Some people are blessings in disguise,
    hold onto them, forever, only if you're wise!