• deepak_pt 118w

    Some feelings can never be seen but they can be felt very deeply in our lives at some point of time.
    That is how i felt when i looked at the moon today and an indescribable emotion got connected to my soul instantly.
    You know what?
    I realised something divine the very next moment.
    Yes..As long as moon gracefully floats in the sky out there, you would undoubtedly dwell in my eyes.
    As long as moon keeps scattering irresistible brightness to this world, my eyes would keep diffusing pure love into your heart.
    And as long as moon peeps out to look for me in the dark, my eyes would keep glancing at the door of fate to let you inside in the form of unquenchable love.
    What does all of this mean?
    Feelings dwelling in our memories are inevitable and love dwelling in our lives are imperishable.
    Yes..Afterall,Memories of love are deemed to stay priceless in our hearts till the end of time..Isn’t it?