• darkzmoon 19w

    My kinda love!!!

    Being in a relationship or falling in love is not enough, you really need to work on it with a pure heart everyday. Love doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, a lot of time and then gradually you get the feeling that someone is important to you and you both can build a relationship which will last forever.

    Expecting from one person to do everything on your behalf is lame because two people have to put their sweat and blood in a relationship. No matter how many people are against you, situations are sailing in different directions, at the end it will only be your dedication that how badly you want that person in your life, how insanely you want to be loved and collectively everything is going to decide the life of your relationship.

    Nothing comes easy, not even people. You have to go through the situations that you didn't expect and overcome like that it never happened.

    You have to love each other, be with each other and fight for each other like nothing is important to you than that relationship or person. And that is how a relationship survives and at the end you will come out as a warrior who not only loved but did everything for that love...