• jpdiya 23w

    #song #bonafide_

    (Sorry for too many repeating words, just wanted to portray how things like mistakes, weird questions, anxieties wanders round and round inside my head.)

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    The mirror maze
    My head

    I'm stuck,
    Stuck in this maze.
    Walls are reflecting
    My short-term existence.

    I'm always craving
    Craving for something more,
    Something new.
    Maybe conquering
    My own self?
    And then living a life
    Of someone else?
    Or maybe I'm just tired of
    What I have.

    My flaws are echoing
    Along my screams.
    And I'm wandering.
    Wandering alone.
    And it's getting darker.
    The stars?
    They're also losing
    Their spark.

    I know
    I'll never feel
    "Finally, this is the end!"
    It's hard to choose
    A single path,
    'Cause my dumb self
    Wants to see
    Where do
    Other ones wend,
    Or maybe because
    I trust none of them.

    On the other side of the mirror,
    Over here, please find me.
    Come here
    And show me the path.
    Don't give up on me yet
    I can try to do better.
    Even though they say
    I'm already enough,
    I know I am not.

    No matter
    How far I go,
    I, I end up here.
    I'm stuck.
    Stuck in this maze.

    ©jpdiya (an ENFP here)