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    My heartfelt dedication to all the doctors who lost their lives while treating the COVID patients. We all owe our lives to you DOCTORS. You are real heros. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID I JUST SEE!!!! ������
    This is so so so unexpected. My 3rd repost by @writersnetwork and my 1st ever #pod. I am so so overwhelmed today....
    True happiness is this, when you are quite sick and then @mirakee gives you this treat....Thank you soo so sooooo much mirakee.
    Also Thank you to.all my fellow writers and readers who helped me achieve this in one way or the other. Love you all.... ❤️❤️❤️

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    Isolation : a forlorn story

    Silence babbled with me,
    hopes played hide and seek,
    and soon my life turned into a grief.
    All measures and precautions taken,
    yet my existence was all shaken.
    Never thought my duty will turn into a foe,
    treating my patients will become my woe.
    That unerring virus spares none,
    and here I am lying alone,
    as some things can never be undone.
    Surviving with this dilemma of life and death
    is tough,
    still I have faith in all the prayers even when this battle is rough.
    Still I have no family members around,
    coz I don't want to risk their lives,
    perchance! I will die alone,
    I may never go to my home anymore.
    This isolation is now the only cure.
    I see my death approaching near,
    I won't see my family again, is all what I fear.
    This seclusion has left me alone,
    my body is alive yet my soul is so forlorn.
    now my smiles are upset from me,
    all I can do is cry out and moan.