• _ghar_ 21w

    "Love is not blind, sometimes it can see more of you, than your ownself"

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    ʟᴏᴠᴇ i̶s̶ b̶l̶i̶n̶d̶

    "No it's not"

    Love canoodles the illegitimacy
    of your blemished existence as
    if you are the only lunar in the
    obsidian midnight sky, with some
    irregularities and stigmas, but
    still you are worthy of devotion.

    Love ogles at every single celestial
    object in the garth of universe you
    forged in your eyes, to reassure
    you that you won't forsake your
    real self in the sempiternal woebegone
    reflections of this crowd, that never
    knew how precious you are.

    Love discerns through smithereens
    of your blood and bones to repudiate
    the false definitions hovering inside
    the beautiful landscapes of your
    imperfectly perfect self, to always
    remind you that you are the most
    alluring intimacy ever happened to
    this nature and to love itself.