• turmoilmoon 23w

    The night was quiet
    With lo-fi music at its lowest volume
    Street lights Dampened,
    Dripping it's remains fading to doom

    Mannequins melting with langour
    Plenty of molest in the day
    Raw youth in bloom
    Dark sidewalks for a drugged foreplay
    Craving for my riffs and licks
    My guitar rippled across every fret
    Tasted it well enough
    It's orgasmic wet as my fingers bled
    Midnight summoned me
    The contours of the cosmos was bright
    Swollen Visage of the moon
    Vexed by the fornication of satellites
    It's all greedy gaping
    When there's no blood and water
    Dilated across the invisible time
    It's all a never ending slaughter

    Blurred my thin line of existence
    Switching to a cryogenic sleep
    As my tenderness soothed my torment
    Staring down at my own distorted reflection
    And succumbing to the pure devourment