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    (A)bracadabra is a magic spell,
    (B)ringing forth everything in the universe.

    (C)aressing all the toys and mending as a
    (D)octor, alike they possess a life too.

    (E)xperimenting with the half-filled earthware, if water
    (F)lows upto the brink adding pebbles alike the story.

    (G)aping at sun, if it follows you
    (H)iding your shadow behind.

    (I)magining yourself in the neverland, a
    (J)ourney beyond realistic realm.

    (K)eeping the peacock's feather in books,
    (L)ike it's the secret behind intelligence.

    (M)emorising the favorite cartoon's timing,
    (N)eglecting the school work schedule.

    (O)utshining faces on the last exam day,
    (P)reparing for the cricket matches in vacation.

    (Q)uickening the hand movements to
    (R)eassemble the stuff when Mom is about to visit your room.

    (S)wearing everytime you become the suspect,
    (T)o make others believe you're not lying.

    (U)nwrapping the presents in seconds,
    (V)erifying if it's what you like.

    (W)aiting for birthday celebrations,
    to get the VIP experience.

    (Y)ou are too naive to
    (Z)one out when you left all this behind.

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