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    Hopelessly imagined impossible conversations for about an hour instead of studying ��

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    You'll say ♡

    You'll say you won't read my poems at any cost in any possible way
    Lol ! You were where my poetry began I'll say
    You'll say you won't understand me, I was like a complicated play
    You were the novel that I understood just by reading the title I'll say
    You'll say I was never the star you counted on far away
    You were always the star I gazed at for hours I'll say
    You'll say you've discarded me from your memories up till today
    You were the memory I always kept going back to I'll say
    You'll say you never wished to be mine or to stay
    I always wished for you whenever I prayed I'll say
    You'll say you don't want to listen to my rants so shady as grey
    You were the song I listened to on loop for hours everyday I'll say
    You'll say we were a moment about to last for a day
    Naah we've always been lifetime ! Would last till eternity I'll say