• diyabedi 9w

    An ache you can't identify


    An ache of being
    abandoned by all those who I loved the most
    and the anxiety that creeps up my flesh making me
    appalled by the apocalypse that is yet to come.
    An emotion that I will be left behind with my
    anticipations and worries
    absorbing my own self and everyone's absence.


    Fabricating and magnifying the idea of being
    forgotten never lets me sleep peacefully, how
    funny is it that I want to live in everyone's memories
    forever and ever? I don't want to
    fade away in those empty frames and
    flames that will turn me into some history with a
    fainting face and absolutely no stories


    I am confused why my heart sinks into
    inarticulate sorrow and still radiates a smile.
    Isn't it ironic?
    I smile to hide the pain that none can identify.
    I once asked myself
    If I am forgetting myself for the world to remember me
    In between the turmoil of being remembered and lost, my heart will always ache.

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