• ananya_writes_ 30w


    A withered diary, hidden necklace
    Kept safe, a shining bracelet;
    Just another dead end,
    Just another beautiful dying secret…

    Songs on loop, books of stars,
    Visions i couldn’t really escape;
    Pages full of hopes and hurt, now lost,
    Maybe I’ll just save your mix tape

    Pearls of words, melodies of lost love,
    Adorns all that I see; I’m hurt and yearning for more;
    Scars of moon, all the stars we named,
    What’s left of us now? Just a haunting lore?

    Roads crossed, for a moment,
    To run away from each other; apart we drifted;
    Would our paths come together again, or was that all?
    Would I just be the fever you can’t forget?

    All the maps of stars you gave me,
    All our stories and dreams, slowly turning blur;
    I’ll let you haunt my dreams, not escaping your spell,
    Only if you let me be the disaster you won't ever recover…