• varundeshpande_ 21w

    It's the most wonderful day
    blanket keeps the coldness at bay
    Warm inside with my hot coco
    Rewind time with all past photo

    Down my tree
    Was passed a prophecy
    one magical bell
    Was passed down the line

    When the bell broke
    in the Christmas tree
    Cries of angles
    Came down through the chimney

    To my home suddenly
    had come Mr Santa
    Fixed the bell
    and told me to meet him at church

    And we prayed
    together we did
    For the bell had
    Nightmares sealed within

    On that day
    He gave gifts at church
    Hot chocolate and ginger bread
    for you ,to the kids he said

    Then outside we setup a camp fire
    in a huge circle we sat
    Roast marshmallow and listening
    to Santa's stories, after which
    Came time to leave

    Santa readied his reindeer
    and we saw as he took flight
    Little munchkin calling out his name
    The gift of winter was a fitting name
    for the day