• the_lost_melody 45w

    I like the colours of poppies
    I like how you talk with your hands and eyes glowing
    I like when it rains you smile
    I like how there's an interpretation of things unfathomable
    You maybe a thought, a dream, an emotion
    But you are
    And that's what matters the most to me
    That somehow you exist in planes I could never quite fathom or reach
    You are
    And I smile
    Because somehow, somewhere you exist
    And I love you as unfathomably
    as daringly I can
    There maybe beginnings and endings
    but between you and me
    time is not a concept that's acceptable
    our fingertips meet
    we are immortal
    in everything that we are
    and in everything we've ever dreamed to be

    From each of my tears
    to the pain and breathlessness
    that make home in me
    I pray for you
    I dream of you
    there maybe
    a scar that rips open
    days I could not stop turning into nightmares
    but there's hope
    there's you
    and then there's us
    if you're unfathomable
    I'm the answers to your touches and sad smiles
    If love is hurt
    You're the sweetest kind
    There's so much that I could say
    that I want to say
    we're unfathomable
    our laughters that reached the skies
    our drenched clothes
    and warm hugs
    the sunshine in your dark eyes
    the hues of roses on my cheeks
    We are
    and I've loved you for evermore


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