• shrry_hurry 252w


    There had been talk, lots of it. The same conversation echoed through bars, shops, tv's n everywhere.
    "What is yr happiness?"

    My, my, my. What have we here?
    Come here, people. Step into the light so that the world may look upon yo. Huhm, a bit scrawny, ain't yo?
    Do the world not feed yo properly from where yo come n go till the end?
    Is there a madness of inadequacy sweeping across yr brains?
    Either yr bored or yo always need any means of company to entertain. Given that yo are such a “fine specimen” of the sapiens, then I thought yo could share yrself in some friendly manner to satisfy yrself.

    So, weary traveler, would it be presumptuous of me to assume yo have journeyed from afar to seek on matters of great importance, hmmm? No? What a pity.
    Hah, hah, hah. Oops! Again, forgive me kind people, surely yo can see it is all in good fun in yr goody-goody lives?
    Is it such a terrible sin for people to jest among themselves n explore the world?
    Heh, heh, hee!
    Very well, onto the matters at hand. I am guessing yo always come before smthng cuz yo desire smthng, am I right?

    Yo need smthng that yo cannot possibly do without. Yo covet smthng so special and unique, only when yo are provided with. Does that sound about right? Food, shelter n yada yada. So, what has left yo with such emptiness that would tempt yo to enter into the nature., when yo've never explored the nature.
    Ask yrselves people, what is yr happiness?!

    And so.. What is mine? I let my mind wonder to find out n then I wonder what's wrong with me, am I okay? I need to find myself, I murmured to myself.
    I went off into the jungle. I did not find me, but found wildflowers and a pair of parrots. Eating it n moved down a steep section of mountain, digging deep when paddling in wind and rain later confirms my belief that these experiences are not only life-affirming, but life-forming n my senses recalibrate—I smell things and hear things, well who's the one teaching here? The early evening sun has saturated the red canyon walls; the feeling is mellow n hungry in that satisfying, campout way. Being me in a rumpled T-shirt and with a slight sunburn;

    Hills of green, oceans of blue, lavas of red n ice of grey rock, misty at noon, hazy at dawn, molten at sunset; where fierce torrents rush to the valleys below. I feel it is hard to know the difference between irrational fear n instinct which defines the love towards nature.

    Often there is no clear right or wrong option, only the safest one. And if safe was all yo wanted, Yo would have stayed home n live the fool's foolish yet safest life. But too often when trying smthng no one has ever done, there are only three likely outcome: Success, quitting, or serious injury n beyond. The difference in the three, are often forces outside of yr control. But ever wondered what the nature of the nature might be? Risk? Survival? Experience? Fear? Search? Or.. Love?

    When I think of it all n never understand the purpose of any when the moment is already gone. I understand everything moves on;
    My happiness haunts me, when drifting off to sleep or while starting a conversation. It haunts me; I feel my mouth crowded with another set of teeth n I can't open my jaw, can't get a word of warning out. And I wake with my head sliding across the pillow, listening for the sounds of life. The sound of my mind later evokes n transmits the feelings and delivers the message. The message is simple; The air is electric, which shiggy shocks me back to life. The nature waiting itself, itself to be explored; Exploring the truth, the whole of it. There is nothing beyond. Nothing 'other than', no 'other world' of being.

    When yo're in love with nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—
    yo do yr overstressed brains a favor!
    Favor to yr life n favor to the untouched feelings.
    Nature is.. N wil be divine and mysterious. These godly measurements—of everything from stress hormones to heart rate to brain waves to protein markers— makes no sense of life that yo live. Well make a radical change in yr lifestyle n love to live boldly, enjoying different climates, changing horizons to prepare yrself to such a life yo'll see, the incredible beauty. When yo're into it, Oh then yo already know that.,

    "There is something profound going on!!"