• shreyah 8w

    On Indian railways,
    you'll either be caught
    stirring the hot tea of
    politics or relying on
    music; annoyed by a
    baby's cry.

    The ardour of cutting
    onto sleep to not miss
    a single landmark and
    travel less through places
    and more through shades
    of nature has somewhere
    been lost.

    Oftentimes, I wonder
    how elders acquaint
    themselves with each-
    other, digging relations,
    munching on groundnuts
    and peculiarly grumbling
    about cleanliness.

    The like-aged girl before
    me sneaks silent glances
    at me. Perhaps, we are
    yet to learn the art of
    communication because
    sometimes, all you need
    is a strange face and a
    futile conversation in a
    world which is busier than
    the bustle on a railway

    ©shreyah || 06-10-21

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    I travelled away from upsetting voices, unwanted falls.
    They tell me, I didn't learn to travel at all.