• ehizefua 29w

    The first time you saw me it was a fleeting glance. You wouldn't look at me because you were ashamed of me. You didn't even know me that well.
    You always passed by without sparing me a glance and cursed under your breath if your eyes managed to catch even the slightest glimpse of me. Your dislike spilled into your words  and you never accepted me no matter how hard I tried.

    Over the years we both grew. You wouldn't acknowledge me but I was always there. Lurking. Waiting to be loved.

    It wasn't until you picked up your phone one day  and accidentally swiped to front camera. You saw me and hissed and immediately wanted to turn off your phone. But the light in my eyes caught your attention. It flickered; a call for help. You stared at me for a long time. The despise in your heart simmered but it slowly turned to pity and that pity turned into reluctant affection.

    Your lips curved into a hesitant smile. It was the first time you smiled at me. It was the first time you SAW me. The flaws you always hated flashed at your face but this time you forgave them. You smiled again and it was genuine. I think we became friends that day.

    You no longer hiss under your breath when you pass by mirrors. You even linger and appreciate me. You talk to me even when it makes you look crazy. Your harsh words were replaced by loving confirmations.

    I don't always look my best but you've decided to love me even at my worst. You've made mistakes but I'd never hate you. I hate your mistakes not you. You don't always feel your best but I love you even still. We'll always be together. Too bad you'll only see me when you look in the mirror...
    Or pick up your phone and swipe to front camera...
    Or pass by a car and take a glimpse at it's glass...

    #mirakee #meeting #wod #selflove

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