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    Dear sanam humdum(dii) ���� @fromwitchpen

    First of all veryyy happpyyy happpiest birthdayyyy to you��I feel really blessed to know you enough in some way or other to write a b'day wish for you. I know no words can really do justice here,you are so far one of the most honest sweetest and supportive person i have ever met ..you were one of my first reader,you have no idea how much you have motivated me to find my true potential..and forsure i don't have adjectives to describe how bloody brillant writer you're. From literally googling up your poem again and again to learning new new things from you,you have acted as a pure mentor.But but but..apart from all the writing stuffs over here i have always felt a very sweet connection with you,despite knowing that you're just one year older than me i still chose to call you dii coz i have felt protected around you for some reason you have helped me loved me every now then and you calling me gudya ..uff it feels like home.I still remember those days when i would call you sanam humdum ��❤ your obsession with wizards and blood goshh made me fall for them too,your cute dancing Skeleton��, whenever i took a break you were always one of the first person to keep a check on me ,from talking about love and life in truth n dares and so many endless memories,you have literally showered so much of love dii and im really thankful to you . Mirakee and my memories would have never been so beautiful without you .
    May god bless you with all smiles and success queen!! ❤you rule our heart..
    Your words are magical ✨����witchyyy!!

    Cheers���� ( imagine its blood ��)

    Alexa play
    Oohh sanam mere humdum
    Tere sang jeena ab sato janam ��
    ( don't consider me creep �� .. Ok maybe you can)

    Again happy happy birthday dii��������

    From gudya ❤❤

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    Happy birthday sanam dii ❤❤