• eusmaph 31w


    In the morning
    Out the windows
    The eyes searched for a visible soul
    But the heavy fog hid everything
    The branches that knocked the windows
    Were not there anymore
    Hands reached out
    To feel the prickly branches
    In the cold foggy winter
    And blind hands
    Spilled blood on the hard ground
    By being pricked by the branches

    How blind
    Did the fog make me
    How did my mind fool me
    Into thinking I knew where it would be
    Like the back of my hand

    Oh! What a joke this has been
    Because right outside the window
    Was where I was betrayed
    By my thoughts of assumed familiarity

    Again, what a joke am I...
    To be fooled by my mind
    That's clouded in trust and faith
    On others

    What a joke I have become
    To be betrayed by my mind
    Into trusting those who are no good
    When the pain is very obvious
    And my screams so loud
    That my mind hurts
    Does the fog of trust and faith
    Fly away

    What use is the sun
    To shine on my pain
    When its obvious
    That my trust had been broken
    And the thread of faith
    Between all of us
    Has snapped

    What use is the sun's warmth
    That did not shine
    On the fog
    Clouding my mind

    Oh! What a joke I am
    To drive in this thick fog
    Despite the multiple warnings of accidents
    The thick fog of trust
    That is the reason for the scars
    That decorate my arms and legs
    No, they are not battle scars
    They are scars to hide the pain
    Of the accident
    In the thick fog
    They are there to hide
    The irrational pain
    Of betrayal and of snapped threads

    Oh! What a joke I have become
    To be blinded by the fog of trust