• capricious_quill 46w

    Ah finally a daughter
    After aborting so many sons.
    Wait wacky wall painter,
    Not pink, theme her room on guns.

    Let me help her with the trousers
    What? You gifted her a frilly floral dress?
    Burn in bonfire those patriarchal rousers.
    Make sure her hair is short, not Rapunzel mess.

    Barbie and Disney Princesses?
    Never in this home
    As long as I am in my senses,
    No dolls here, only robots, no ' cute' gnome.

    Lip stick, Mascara, Eye Liner
    Are you off your head you misogynistic moron?
    I'll permit anyone to let her
    See those no sooner than your mass converts to photon.

    Well she is growing up, my daughter.
    She comes to me and and asks
    With such a foolish feminine laughter,
    ' Can I learn to cook on fire if I wear manly masks?'

    What?! What!? What?!
    I am a freaking feminist,
    And here she will thwart,
    Me like floodlight on mist?

    "Well if it's the fire you desire"
    I say, regaining my composure,
    "Light this for a smoke whenever you tire"
    Making malignant that cigeratte men did treasure.

    Thank God I'm a feminist.

    Does this make sense?
    Please be honest, and definitely not as sarcastic as me.

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