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    Sorry Guys, I am little busy that is the reason I was not available from yesterday morning. Thank you for your patience.

    Lot of send me a suggestion for "women's Day" Challenge. Thank you so much for each one of you.❤️

    I liked the suggestions by
    @perfidious_soul @sattas

    I also agree with them "Women's Day is celebrating womanhood and who women is"

    So, our challenge will based on this topic.

    ��Challenge will be similar to "Valentine's Day Series" Challenge. But litte twist in it. Let's check.

    ��The Challenge will be held on 4 parts.

    ��Tamil & English only

    ��For first part I will give one topic you have to write about that topic for first day.

    ��Like first day I will give second, third & fourth day their respective topics you have to write about that.

    ��First, Second, third days your post have to be within 16 lines only.

    ��Must be in poetic form. Only 5 words allowed for a line.( Can less than 5 not more than 5 words)

    ��Fourth & final day of challenge you have to write about given topic. And you have to select the lines(only within 20 lines) from your post and post it as final post with adding title.

    ��You can't add tittle for your post before last day.

    ��You can't merge your everyday content before last day.

    ��Seperate hastag for everyday will be given to you.

    To promote your post use given hastags.

    ��For Tamil Posts : #tamil_p2h(Strictly for Tamil post only)

    �� For other post use : #poem2heart #p2h

    �� To participate in old challenge hosted by Poem2heart use #p2h_all (Only for old challenge by Poem2heart)

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    Hello Guys, are you ready for the "Women's Day" challenge?

    Let me give you introduction about the challenge. It will be starting today(04th Mar 2k20) 05:00 - 05:30PM.