• believersrejoice 65w

    Lessons #101

    Emotionally led Part 2

    It was one of the hardest battles I faced emotionally. My love for my family, my emotions, and what seemed so right. I wanted to help my sister, with all that is within me. Seeing her the way she was, was like a tare in my heart. I had plenty and more than enough room. But the Lord said, "No" clearly and without a doubt. I didn't ask why, I know He knows what's best, not only for me, but for her. I did what I was suppose to do, and when it was done, we had to part. I can see the look on her face, as I've always offered when I had, as I said, "goodbye" I seen the tears in her eyes, and I turned callously to my front door and went inside and locked the door. Straight to my room, I cried bitterly, I was so overwhelmed with sorrow that I fell. I couldn't even grasp or catch my breath, choking and weeping. I know in my mid-night hour, you arrested my heart, I began to pray, Lord, please, let this be all for her to know you, and to bring forth a change that You desire. I love her so much but it's not important for her to know. I prayed that the Lord will be done. I don't understand neither do I have to, for I trust You Lord and know You go before me. I pray for Salvation for her and for a genuine love to flourish in her spirit and soul I faced a battle with my emotions and I've already decided that I'm leaning and trusting the Lord and this will always be set before me. And He will forever direct my path.