• amulyapurohit_18 17w

    We live in a country.. which is called independent.. and democratic!
    Probably we could just take a look at the perception of a woman.. it would rather be hypocritic!
    Be it at any category of class, age or religion!
    Ofc we see a lot of ads and campaigns, thus the revolution!
    Women's rights.. and equality!
    But how many out there even secure an identity?
    No! Im not a feminist activist or anything..
    Just another woman.. battling and breathing!
    Whether there's a hijab..or not!
    Is she allowed to showcase her real self?
    "Don't post, don't wear, don't go.. is it safe or not?"
    Wish I was a man! I would never have to think of a woman before I choose how to live!
    Or a atleast a man.. who would rather say..
    "Ill make sure of the safety... You can go out there n live!"
    Not because we can't make sure of it.....
    But because that's were the threat and restrictions come from!
    Nevertheless... Im still a proud woman!
    Trying to make a difference beyond the kitchen!
    Celebrating being women!