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    As Abhinav saw Kritika walking inside the Church, along with Aditya, his heart melted instantly. And as he realised she was walking towards him, he felt his blood boiling. What was the point of suffering for the last three days, and what was the use of making those divorce papers? But he thought about the legal papers he saw with Kritika. Were they marriage papers for them? Who knew! In a moment of rage, that's been kept suppressed all these years, he went closer to her, and slapped her. Silence prevailed the hall, and in the next moment, he hugged her tightly. Tears were gushing through his eyes, and he spoke in a teary voice,
    "Why do you always do things that kill me from inside, Kitten! Who gave you the right to hurt me this badly? All these years, I've lived to love you and even when i knew you don't love me back, i accepted it my destiny. You were mine, even if you weren't loving me. The mere thought of you with any other guy crumples me from inside. You may call me possessive, or may be obsessively possessive. I won't mind it, but i, .. but i.."

    His voice broke in the middle. Tears filled his throat, and Kritika wiped his face, like a mother does. She was about to cry too, when Aditya said, "Mind the liner. He's natural beauty, you'd need a make up kit again. You want it?"

    She smiled on his stupid remark, and Abhinav hugged her again.
    "I'm sorry for the slap, Kritika. I was so scared of losing you, that i couldn't take your surprise in a good sense. I never meant it. You can slap me back, and we're equal then."

    She rose her hand, in a gesture about to slap him, and instead pulled his cheeks, hard. He wasn't prepared for this gesture, specially after 3 years. Earlier it was Kritika's habit to do this to annoy him.
    "Stop it. We aren't kids anymore, kitten!"
    "Are you both sure about it? Specially Abhinav you? Remember what you told me, when i ask you guys for some good news?"

    Abhinav blushed. So did Kritika. And the wedding ceremony began as planned. Mr. Mehra stood alongside Aditya, behind Kritika, and near to her mother. That was her side of family. Abhinav's parents stood behind him. They exchanged rings, and garlands, as insisted by their parents, and completed their marriage. As Abhinav was about to turn, Kritika pressed her lips onto his, and gave him a quick kiss, exclaiming, "that's how it's done in movies!" And everyone giggled.

    Mr. Mehra came forward and shower his blessings onto the newly married couple. Then he handed a big purple wrapped gift to Kritika.
    "There's no need for this, kaka."
    "When I'm roleplaying your dad, let's not argue about the gift."
    "Hahaha. The wedding ceremony is over. And the play came to an end. So now we're back to being clients. Right?"
    "Wrong. Once roleplayed as father, you can't deny being my daughter. It's been a lifelong desire of this old man, to be lucky enough to feel what's its like to be a daughter's dad. Please don't take away this privilege from me!"
    "Aww, thank you for adopting me! I hope you don't regret the decision, later."

    Later they hugged, and everyone shower the newly wed their blessings. Aditya was standing in the corner, with his eyes stuck over Kritika. As Abhinav was taking her out of the hall, Kritika turned back to Aditya, and rushed towards him. She whispered something into his ear, and hugged her sidewise. He passed an ear to ear long smile, as Abhinav and Kritika went inside their beautifully decorated wedding car.


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    The Best Man

    Part - 28

    It's been a lifelong desire of this old man, to be lucky enough to feel what's its like to be a daughter's dad. Please don't take away this privilege from me!