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    There's tranquility in Cold Water
    I touched it, I felt
    A scintilla of Silence
    I don't know how,
    But, I cherished it.

    In an ounce of moment,
    I Percieved an enthusiasm to escape
    Break free in the Freezing Ocean
    Experience quietude altogether,
    Freeze up towards the bottom of the Ocean.

    I Adore the Beauty of Horizon apprehended only from this far,
    Unbelievable creations I'm eyeing with Naked eyes Underwater.

    Calamatious Rainy Clouds Assembled on top of The Ocean
    Dark Black Clouds, Thunder, Lightening,
    It Scared me!
    The clouds Smiled at me and started to Precipitate,
    Making me fell in Love in the Complexions Once again.

    Cold Water was Cascading Down with Intense Thunder stroke,
    Striking Far and Wide
    I was Afraid!
    The Clouds Smiled once again and It Began to Snow,
    Snowflakes were like a Group of Dandelions who left their roots And started flying.

    The Water became much Colder than Before,
    This time I Smiled while looking towards the Clouds from underwater,
    Drowning in an Ocean with Mesmerizing Creations Contented me.
    Don't come to save me
    I'm Drowning in Harmony!
    ©Mubasshira Quraishi

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    Cold Water