• srushtijaiswal 13w

    One day I got really worried whether he was ignoring me or was in trouble.

    I had this confusion in past also. And I always thought that he was stuck and needs help. And I did my best to reach him and help.

    So this time also I kept trying to reach him. But this time when I started thinking with a neutral mindset, I noticed him ignoring me. So next day I didn't try to reach him. I stayed calm.

    And in few hours he says me over call that I was just testing your love and friendship.

    And he says my love is fake because I didn't try to reach him this time.

    Because this time I focused on my mental health.

    Because this time I didn't exhaust myself physically trying to pass his never ending tests.

    Because this time I was looking single handedly after my baby.

    Because this time I had no help around the house.

    Because this time just few days where left for diwali and to complete all work.

    Because this time I kept a fast for him without water. And couldn't take unnecessary stress.

    Because this time I am in deep physical pain and couldn't even ask for help to anyone.

    Seriously all these years, I have spent half of the time worrying about whether he is fine or not & on the other hand he was testing me by ignoring me every now and then.

    No one has to test love. Because time itself tests every relationship.

    And if you keep testing like this, you might end up loosing your importance & may not receive help when you are really stuck. Because your loved ones might think that you are testing them again and again.