• turmoilmoon 24w

    I was Grinding a hill to nullify my melancholy
    The noon was slurry, White coulds strided away distantly
    Harmony of the wind was a discrete cacaphony
    I stowed plants into my pockets in a desperate need of green

    Walked a few memory lanes across a dead blackened sea
    Little fishes drifted ashore bored being aquatic
    Tides high and shimmering
    Capsized boats devoured by the gravity
    Mermaids on an exodus with blue whales bulged in their bellies
    Surfer paddling one arm, another arm resting between a shark's' teeth
    Mr. Slow death bleeding, the passion sport bleeding

    Pterosaurs dropping the bombs carrying Russian drones
    Mutilating the young men, bleeding the war zone

    Ran towards the north pole
    It's snowing and seclusion is bliss
    Radiohead music in loop
    Everyday is a little apocalypse