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    We are all humans, and each of our categories are different. Some are poets, some are house wives and some are just huge baskets of emotions.
    We all shall end differently, even though we are all same

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    Thank you for the love in this series...its only the second part and I am feeling blessed <3

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    To anyone who would listen, ( II )

    A poet ends,

    Not when a quill gets damaged, but when his heart couldn't work out feelings and force them into a shiny white papyrus.

    A mother's heartbeat ends

    When her child loses hope, not when she
    Gets into deep trouble. Cause every trouble
    Of a mother ends with her looking into those
    Smiling faces of her children's.

    A trust ends

    When someone you trust becomes so
    Superior, that they're even ready to
    Pump your heart with their skeletal hands
    To join others.

    A night ends

    Not when the sun rises, but when dreams
    Yawn and midnight memories start to
    Cease off. And also when the moon gets
    Intoxicated playing with its lovers.

    A song ends

    Not when the melody stops. But when
    The depth inside it reaches a limit.
    When the song says "I love you " and
    becomes shy, it ends.

    A laugh ends

    Not when the joke is over. But when
    You can't stop forcing it and the bitterness
    Finally comes out.

    A book called life ends

    When the blood of emotions inside
    Veins overflow and stop working.