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    My Most Able Lord
    By Bhavya Gogia

    My Sweetest ShrimanNarayana!
    Who blessed the particles of dust
    In the land of Saket and Vraj
    By his sweet feet, My Master!
    He does not come to me!
    He steals butter from Gopikas' houses
    And dances as a young child
    In the courtyard of Nand-Yashoda
    Being kissed on forehead by Kaushalya
    He does not come to me!
    See My Lord, the lover of Janki
    With whom he plays, in a lovely garden
    Embracing the mellows of Love
    My Lord, who became a dwarf,
    He does not come to me!
    He blessed the three worlds
    In a Nick of time, by just three steps
    He picked the Heavy Bow of Shiva
    Immovable, to marry ShriSeetha
    He does not come to me!
    He held Govardhan for the protection
    Of his dearest Devotees of Vraj
    He abducted Vaidarbhi for love
    Protecting her from Shishupal demon
    He does not come to me!
    My Lord for whom
    Nothing is known impossible
    My Lord who is the very personification
    Of Great Love towards his children
    He does not come to me!

    My Lord, ShriHari, for whom nothing is impossible! Thus 'The Most Able' he does not come to me. He steals the Jeevatmas from this world he steals the minds of Everyone but my Supreme Lord, does not come to me! Why does He not steal me? I am his property that's what I know, every soul is! Then why does he not take me to himself!? And it is not the case that he is not able to, he is very able and his mercy too! But he just doesn't come! My Sweet Person does impossible tasks as I mentioned in the poem, thus I have showcased how able he is, what he is capable of. Hence, he has left me in great wonder, what heaps of sins have I done? That He Does Not Come To Me! �� His mercy is available to the most fallen ones, that's why I wonder about my Storehouse of Sins! I wish he cuts asunder my sins soon and then comes to me��
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    My Most Able Lord

    By ShriHari Nandini