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    "What is your favourite season ?"
    "That season which bleeds poetry..."
    _bidya b.

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    The bullets of poetry inside the palettes of seasons

    "What is your favourite season ?"
    "That season which bleeds poetry..."

    The winter in my mazed city arrives on
    my grandfather's death anniversary and
    every syntax of my prattling verse stops
    near the horizon of some paper planes & boats ;
    they can't slide their wings towards the snowfall.

    The summer in burgh lands with white pansies
    and adorn my hei-tiki with the scent of valentine
    the hyperboles and oxymorons of my sonnet
    gulp some candy-canes from snow moon and
    phlebotomize many troupes of poetries from me.

    The monsoon in wen unclasps its shoelaces
    when I become high on raindrops and Augusts
    to hide my teardrops behind the duct of soliloquies
    and my poetries relish the afterglow where my
    penumbra dies inside the pastureland of darkness.

    The autumn never undress her bralettes in my town
    and my typewriter never treads towards the falls
    I never melt on those camellias to manumit slumber'd
    metaphors to seine the undertone of sunset
    and my spikenard never aromatize the street of septets.