• heartsease 17w

    Because I loved that line ❤️

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    Unsettled name

    Your name rests between
    my lips like a prayer
    enchanted on holy street,
    where bygones recede
    back from the shores
    and your existence collapse
    with words, which I chewed
    when autumn blew out of
    my half-completed letters
    and few rotten memories.

    Some days your name choke
    inside my deserted throat
    making my bulging thoughts
    breathless like the weight of
    feuillemort being heavy on
    the chest of reminiscing barks,
    while some days I unfetter your
    name with few soft spoken
    vowels like rainbows escaping
    from clouds whose margins are
    glued but dreams are miles apart.

    But when sun meets horizon
    your name rests between my
    lips again, like it has found a
    shelter within, maybe a home
    renowned of promises being
    escorted by the allegories of
    unstained love. And I welcome
    your arrival with pink varnishes
    of my lips whining solemnly as
    our unbridled meeting savours
    eternity, burying blemishes by
    wrapping prayers and blooming
    hope on the edges of our names.