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    Some days I am as Simple as Labyrinth

    Some days I'm the red hibiscus
    which blooms
    with the first rays of the Sun
    and on other
    I'm the same hibiscus
    but faded and shrivel.

    Some days, intentionally,
    I forget my etiquettes
    and sit with one leg over other
    bending my back,
    keeping the doors closed for the aunt
    with a big or rather sharp nose.

    Some days I'm the ebullient firmament
    whose every shade can fit
    into a perfect picture
    but sometimes
    I prefer to be a soft zephyr
    and turn into furious storms.

    Some days I am so silent
    that my presence
    can't be felt
    in the afternoon giggles
    but occupies maximum space
    In stygian corners.

    And maybe some day
    I may wish to be
    someone's childhood
    whose presence can't be felt
    but absence can make
    melancholy to pass by.