• prachii_ 48w

    Fancy intellects

    There, a car without wheels,
    threads tied, eyes wide,
    daughter learns to drive the car,
    scuffed streets, gloomy brakes,
    the mechanic now owns the motor
    as ad hoc wife pays him
    and holds her nose high in pride
    for being his trophy wife
    the last night.

    The Monalisa hangs,
    family photographs fall,
    doorbell rings *don't open*
    waits the stack of coins in blues,
    grabbing them all
    he invites them again,
    throwing memento notes away.

    I see the lavishness again
    stepping out of the kitchen,
    a salver decorated with almonds,
    lemons and lemonades, but ouch!
    the chilled glass hurts me
    and I spy at her husband
    collecting shattered pieces of the glass
    and keeping them up on the pedestal.

    A chest irrigating hate
    is found in diamond mines,
    where he is busy amassing
    glitters out of the mud,
    while his 'once a friend' smiles
    and continues picking up
    each bread, carefully,
    while the rich man's son slurps ramen.

    Children playing peek-a-boo
    with skyscrapers, closing eyes,
    for a real world that exists
    under those golden lashes
    and the silver bracelet,
    that keeps the couple corralled
    for the Bachata with ceased moves.