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    I am more than what you think of me.��

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    I am more than just a mere
    girl who talks & writes about love.
    I am not just about poetries,
    I write & sunsets I capture in heart.
    I am also present in the worst thunderstorms you see,
    the heavy rain you can't bear
    on your gentle skin.
    I am not about the expensive coffees
    you take sip of in cafe's,
    I'm more about calm sips of
    "chai" after a stressful day.
    'Pain turn into art' I often say,
    but sorry I didn't tell you
    it always hurts even after turning
    it into an artistic form,
    and I find myself under the mass
    of clouds coloured grey.
    Sunflowers and smile is what
    I share with everyone I meet,
    but afraid to share the withered
    petals I've hidden in my diary
    Cause somehow I know,
    people will crush it in their hands.
    I will also lose my dry sad petals.
    I love long deep conversations about
    Universe, Psychology & Spiritualism.
    You see..!
    I love many more things other than love.
    I am not about the mindful books you read,
    I am more about the life experiences
    that teach you more than those books.
    I am not about the regrets you
    cry about,
    I am more about the brave decisions
    you take for yourself & work hard
    to make it right.
    I am not just about the pretty smiles,
    I'm also about the tears you hold back
    when you feel low,
    one more thing!
    please let that flow from your eyes.
    I am not about the heartbreaks
    you go through,
    I am more about the random
    love stories you get into.
    I don't stay silent
    when it's time to scream,
    Am not just a poetic girl
    you will see someday
    In your daydreams.
    sometimes I stay silent
    when I think it's meaningless
    to speak,
    and I truly hope
    you may find the love & hope
    in my words for all that I seek.
    I'm more than a bubbly person,
    who always laughs at silly jokes,
    who always hums sufi songs,
    who always runs to the rooftop
    to see the evening sunsets,
    who always has a little smile on
    her face.
    I am more than a girl who writes
    about love.

    ~Divyanshi Srivastava