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    To celebrate the anniversary of a life well lived by one of my mentors here and a brother to me, I do a repost of the first collab I had with him @ /kehta hai joker, which was his idea that came from a post he had done earlier on religion filled with lots of questions. I only hope to meet you when the day comes to join you in the spirit realm ��
    Titled A Conversation With God

    QUESTIONING GOD by kehati hai joker
    Did we create god after coming first ,
    or God really did make us
    Is there a divine plan that has gone bust
    Or Is that just nonsense, superflous.

    If I met god on a downtown bus
    Why should I submit and blindly trust
    And not stop to debate and discuss
    why some sleep hungry and some get surplus

    Why does he need mediators for his arquebus
    Why can't he be like Dumbledore and use sonorous
    Why do wallflowers face behavior unjust
    While ungodly men go unblamed for their ruckus
    If evil it was,why did he even make lust
    To win my faith,answer he must

    If we come concocted from stardust
    Then why does vicious shine and virtuous rust
    If man is bad,then as creator isn't he worst
    Is this a bubble,that science is about to burst
    Is there a divine plan that has gone bust
    Or Is that just nonsense, superflous

    So you wanted to debate and discuss
    Or do you want me to make all your questions just
    For one to beleive was never made a must
    Like a sailing ship in life I act as the mast
    I never look at the misdeeds of the past
    For if you repent I forgive and lay it at rest
    All I ask is for the path to be followed at its best
    I never made but I created you first
    For I saw the earth bare it would fall to its own rust
    Don't forget Satan was an but fell from heaven fast
    Never doubt he was from the beginning and attacks at you lust
    And if you slip into his den you'll never see past
    And so my son came to offer life that your redemption may last
    For my mediators were outnumbered by a vast
    So to you I lay no cast,and today as you lay get a rest
    For the question I can't answer is when will be your last
    For this series I've been with you I have laid my cast

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