• raghavendran 38w

    Weep Not When I'm Gone

    Thanks Writersnetwork for reposting this poem.

    The dying man in the poem is a creation of my imagination - the kind of man who is not often found, but I believe that the existence of such a person is not beyond the realm of possibility. He is well versed in classics and highly imaginative, yet practical in many aspects and is an amalgam of vision and reality.

    Weep Not When I'm Gone

    Weep not for me when I am laid low,
    Everyone must one day to the scythe bow,
    Waste not thy years for a fruitless purpose
    Learn thou thy grief to suppress.

    Mortal is everyone on this earth
    Where he has spent his time since birth,
    None knows when he breaths his last,
    Worrying helps not when the die has been cast.

    Learn to live with merry memories of past,
    Shedding tears will not avail at any cost,
    Brooding and grieving will not resurrect me,
    Be happy in thought I'll from worldly pains be free.

    Everything has a beginning and an end,
    Everyone must go, foe or a friend,
    Neither prayers nor bribes will spare one,
    Death no human hath ever won.

    Whatever happens life must go on,
    And one must live till his day is done,
    All flesh doth perish in course of time,
    Some when old and some in prime.

    Thou art, I assert, well provided for,
    A decent house and a decent car,.
    To none I owe a penny,
    But thou wilt receive sums from many.

    My children are very much like me,
    Just how I wanted them to be,
    They will lead a life very clean,
    They are blest with hearts serene.

    This world I leave with a guiltless heart,
    My intercourse with people were sans art
    I trusted them and they did likewise
    And never took recourse to lies.

    I conceded defeat with grace
    Which many did amaze,
    I believed no one is infallible
    Wherefore I made myself malleable.

    A few infirmities no doubt I had
    But they were when I was a stripling lad,
    With age, I burnt them away
    And never let them have any sway.

    Weep not when I am gone,
    I guess I'll l be freed before dawn
    Cry a bit, but don't lose thy heart
    Thou hast still to play thy part.

    Raghav R