• shivangi_khajuria 80w

    A life that peeks through my eyes.

    In a void dilemma,don't wanna be at,
    Figuring out bodies, which stands near her head.
    18 and confused,
    Lost, destroyed and used.
    Keeps her hand open in the air
    To grab again what she lose.

    Wanna be drunk and get so high,
    To dim the light that dries her eyes.
    Wakes up with the dreams still on,
    Wears her favourite shade of lipstick and smiles in the mirror to her only "another one."
    Travels in the buses, with tangled earphones everywhere,
    She adorns with the fingers,the beautiful mess of her hair.

    Clicking and deleting the image,
    Scribbling and tearing the page.
    Figuring out, what she's tryna next,
    To unpack her undiscovered self.

    She cheered to the unstoppable journey,smile or maybe herself.
    That makes her face glow
    From which the moon used to be jealous of.

    She woke up, looked herself on a glass window,
    Stares at her own face and smiles at her own shadow.

    She saw,
    Under her specs,
    From her eyes,
    There peeks a "little her",
    to live a LIFE.