• leena_afsha_ishrot 22w


    12:57 a.m. 24-12-21

    #random ��

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    I am in cloud nine
    That he is back
    And he realised how patiently
    I was awaiting, for his arrival
    From the last two and half plus years

    He distanced himself from me
    But I always carry him wherever I walk
    Sometimes it's necessary to stay away
    To see the level of attachment

    This time I kept this relationship between us
    In his absence, I just communicated truly to only one
    Due to which I have only believed on that
    Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent almighty

    Only because of his absence and in his presence
    I am grateful that I am nearer to almighty
    The conversation between me and almighty
    Is just like a newborn child and mother
    Sometimes in the middle of the night
    Sometimes in the crew
    I silently prayed for him

    I have been waiting for this day for long
    It's not that I never found a better option
    But for me, he is the one, with whom
    I want to celebrate my eightieth birthday

    If we remove the veil of differences,
    we are left with simple human creatures
    I am aware of the circumstances I am gonna face
    But I am preparing myself to overcome it
    I am building myself, where none can point finger on me