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    Happy birthday to my daughter Shauna

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    Message to my younger daughter

    Your picture stared me on the world
    Let mind grow over all
    Life here without you not the same
    Time have told many old stories fame
    Happiness is yours to feel
    Cause now many hearts have conceal
    When your eyes meet
    Clock may stop soul in minute
    Caught in your admiration strong
    Convinced your heart love secret is young
    Live life in figurative dreams
    Stand before you are full detail of low self esteem
    But whatever you do
    Toil, dance and enjoy every thing you do
    Always know life is a book of many chapters
    Close only when you abide over yonder
    Life is beautiful but there are heartache
    Be not deceive people can turn out fake
    Plan ahead of time
    Because you cannot turn back the hands of time