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    Luv u bby.....

    Tried weaving a poem for someone who means alot to me... my love... my best friend for eternity... @buttercup ������

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    My tomboy

    New school, new friends. But who knew you will be the chosen one to stay in my life forever !

    I went to her and asked to
    Sit with her
    And it was the first and last time I talked so politely with her !

    Gradually time passed by and I didn't even realise,
    That we are on the verge of starting our new lives.

    You were the one who was always there for me,
    Making me laugh when I was in no mood of joke and always ready to bully me !

    You are one of the purest soul
    I've ever met,
    Free from any kind of pollution,
    truely an angel !

    Words will fall short
    If I'll try expressing the agony
    I am going to feel, when apart.

    Life is uncertain and full of surprise,
    But one thing is sure that we are meant to be together till death, and even in our afterlife !