• bellemoon99 14w

    #prose #wod

    Winter and falling snow were never as cold as your gaze. The sound of you walking away still haunts me late at night. Why did you lure me on that crimson evening? Was it envy or was it lust?

    My sore ankles sink in the sand, I'm a stranded whale yearning for the sea. Left burning, left alone to die before the crashing waves. Will I turn into foam?

    Walking back the wind plays with my hair. The salty marine scent carries away our faded memories. My heels hit the pavement over and over creating a melody to follow me home.

    Empty rooms, full boxes, dim light, and dark corners. These are only naked walls, stripped away from warmth and love. Only a piano stands in the living room hoping for you to come back, and maybe colors will return to our lives.

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