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    Ho ho ho! Belated Merry Christmas to y'all! ���� I'm back ( ik I'm very late) and I hope I'll be a little consistent this time ��. For compensation, I got your Christmas present ready!

    Here's track 10. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋ 10: �������������� ���������� (....������ ����������)

    I stand at the white door, my feet rapping the marble of the hospital floor. Fall feels like a numbing cold wrap around my whitened knuckles. Your hand-woven scarf around my neck is the only warm thing in the world I know of. But my hands, they won't stop shaking and I keep closing them in fists.

    My prayers bustle under the cold lightings of corridor. Nurse told me to have faith and I'm trying my best to keep hold on to strings of hope, but they're leaving cuts of flashbacks somehow.

    Three months back when the doctor said this with a heavy sigh for the very first time. Halfway through the summer, time got worse, so did your cancer. Gradually the smell of this pungent October sneaked in our lives. And now you're closed behind these four flushed walls, fighting for your life. While I'm out here anticipating for the only thing in this world that's mine.

    This is the darkest day, and I'm looking for sun through the blurry window. But all it does is hide behind the trees and skyline. I can't decide if these nervous whispers are worse or the empty, cold silence.

    But there're voices and reels playing inside my head, louder than my thoughts. You tying my braids as I'm sitting in my little jacket on your lap. All those giggles in our sunlit yard. Roses growing under your embrace in pots on the windowsill. I haven't forgotten a thing, but just how did we get so far in a blink of an eye.
    And I know we can't go back to those small moments, and they aren't small to me anymore.

    It's 11 a.m. The newspaper's still lying on the doorstep. The leaves of the oak tree are all scattered on the ground. The blackbird, who lives in the nestbox on our tree, is looking for berries on the ground. And your beloved bourbon roses are dying without your cognac eyes watching over them.

    Every moment, it's getting colder, but I know this will pass. And if things ever turn back to normal, I'd just hold you tight and keep you close with me forever.

    The door opens and all my thoughts come undone. I stare inside with a little mist in my eyes.


    Inspiration: @veloc1ty_ :')

    Thank you @writersnetwork! ��❤

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