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    One reason is more than enough
    to bloom your heart like Spring
    When you know that
    someone's heart is beating
    only for you
    Two eyes are wandering restlessly
    just to get a glimpse of you
    Someone roams with you
    in a parallel world
    Someone prays secretly for your wellbeing and success
    Someone has been awaiting
    you for ages
    Someone has been ignoring
    the whole world just for you
    All these things make you feel
    more than special
    and pamper your giant ego

    And another heart get shrunk
    just to bloom yours
    That heart is dedicated
    and devoted to you
    just like a river,
    happily melting her existence
    in the huge hug of an ocean,
    losing her own identity
    and willingly merging in
    the vastness of the kingdom
    of her beloved
    Because true love is
    generous and eternal
    It doesn't change with seasons
    It can't be self-centered
    It is beyond selfishness